The Funding

Making a film isn’t cheap.

A feature film can cost as much as $300 million dollars! That is just a crazy amount of money!

But we aren’t making a feature film, we are making a 15 minute short. Short films, though not remotely as expensive as a Hollywood Blockbuster, can still be very expensive.

Now to cut to the chase, we need $3,500 to make this film happen. We are already putting every penny we make into the film, but being just teenagers its not enough. Investors don’t want to invest in us, well, because we aren’t trying to make a profit, we are making the film because we love filmmaking. We have had many great ideas for films that we started but never were able to finish, because of lack of funding. And this is where YOU come in.

We need your help to make this film a reality. How you may ask?

Kickstarter is a crowd funding website specifically designed for creative projects such as our own. People like yourself comit money to the project, with rewards and that good, warm feeling inside of you in return!

No amount is to small, and any amount will get you something!

Check out our Kickstarter project here: (url will be posted when project starts)


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