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What is Clamor?

CLAMOR is a 15 minute short film created entirely by teen filmmakers. The film is a very dark action short, and is going to be Conjure Films first large scale project. Our goal is to finish the final edit before the end of December, so we can meet the deadline of the Dallas International Film Festival. This film is not intended to make a profit, rather to break into the Film industry and to prepare for a feature length project set in the same universe.

CLAMOR is being directed and written by Drake Welsh, a 15 year old filmmaker. He is self taught in VFX and motion graphics, along with cinematography.

Jed Rollins is producing the film and will be taking on-set photography as well. You can check out his portfolio here.

Our biggest challenge is rasing the funds, and thats were we need your help. If you are intresting in supporting the film, check out our Kickstarter page!


Updates are soon to come!